Tips and Advice for Travelling Canada with Your Canine/Pet Companion

travelling with dog to canada

Travelling to Canada from your native Country? And can’t imagine leaving your pooch or pet behind while you go on holidays to Canada? Then stop fretting! Because your idea or desire to take your loving pet along with your family is no big blunder. Canada is quite a dog-friendly country and the rules and regulations for taking dogs there is not as strict as those that apply into the countries like United Kingdom or Australia.

Different Travelling Rules When You Import Your Pet To Canada:

  • You will need to get your pet vaccinated against rabies if you are taking your dog from a non rabies free country and your pet is more than three months of age.
  • Proof of vaccination will be required for taking the pet into Canada. Also your pet will need to be accompanied by a veterinary certificate of origin that identifies your pet and states that no outbreak of rabies has been reported for the past six months in your country and your animal has been in the country for these past six months.
  • For a dog which is older than eight months, all the requirements like inoculation against parvovirus, hepatitis, distemper and para influenza, and the details of these vaccinations should be listed on their veterinary certificate and will apply even when it is accompanied.
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency: The best option is to get detailed information regarding taking your pet to Canada from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency so as rescuing yourself from being caught unprepared for any eventuality.

Choosing the Right Local Transportation for Your Loving Pet in Canadian Cities:

  • Vancouver: Vancouver, BC (BC Ferries, ) is for both small and large dogs; all breeds are allowed on the ferries. Also, dogs are only allowed on the open air car deck and must stay in your car or tied in a designated pet area. Owners must stay with their pets.
  • Calgary: You can use the services of Uship  for pet shipping in Calgary and other places in Canada. They take excellent care of your pet and give you a break on prices because they are heading along that route. And if you wish to carry your pets along with you, then Limos in Calgary or limousine services are one of the coolest ways to travel around the beautiful lush green city with your pet, friends and family members. Easy and comfy with no travel mishaps involved.
  • Toronto: Toronto, ON (TTC, Both small and large dogs are allowed during non-rush hour on the subway, buses, and streetcars. Here pets must be on a leash or in a carrier.

Selecting the Accessories for Pets While Travelling

travelling with dog - canada

With careful planning and carrying the right safety equipment; hitting the road with your canine and other pets’ companion can be fun and hassle free. Here is a list of pet accessories you must carry before you leave for Canada.

  • Pet Microchips and ID tags: Pet tags are probably essential travel accessories that every roving pet should wear. Include the information like pets name, owner’s local contact information and out-of-town local contact information.
  • Pet Seat-Covers: For safe car traveling, kitties should be housed in carriers. And dogs should be seated in seat covers that are made from eco-friendly, water-resistant or scratch-durable fabrics.
  • Portable Litter Boxes: Do not forget to keep litter boxes before you travel with your dogs and cats. Keep your pets acquainted with the litter box in the weeks before you trip.
  • Toys and Play Sets: Get prepare for fun. Let your pet enjoy and play with their favorite chew toys or pillow from home. These items also aids in keeping your pets calmer.
  • First Aid Kit: The American Red Cross recommends the following basic supplies for any pet first aid-kit: gauze pads, gauze rolls and bandages, cotton swabs, instant cold pack, roll of cloth, tweezers, thermometer, hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic ointment [source: American Red Cross].
  • Travel water Dispenser: Go for collapsible travel bowls that are made of thick fabrics and have square bases to prevent them from tipping over.
  • Pet Carriers: Grated metal doors will be the most secure and chew-proof carrier. Just opt for the strongest and most comfortable one for your pet.

7 Accessories For Dogs

Dogs are the only animals which are close to our human race. It a popular saying that dogs are humans’ best friend. But you have to take extra care for your dog. They’re sensitive and need constant care for the companionship they give us. They’re many cool accessories that could help to maintain your friend in a better way. Let’s have a look on them

GlowDoggie Illuminated LED Dog Collar

This illuminated collar will help others to notice your dog, even in rain and darkest hours.  It is waterproof and the LED can last upto 17 years. The collar is used by K-9 Search and Rescue units worldwide also.


Tagg Pet Tracker

We often face a situation with dogs that they leave from backyard, or from an open door to nearby park or outside. It becomes real hard to find them, it they are not at the expected place. This dog tracker helps in finding your dog, and keeping it in the secure region, set by you. It work with the help of GPS, and instantly alert you with an SMS, if dog goes beyond the secure region.

Dog Mansions

Your dog should live in a hygienic and well-furnished home. These mansions are bit expensive, but are very well crafted. They’re expensive though, but your dog will love to stay in it, and hardly come out.

K-9 Kannon Tennis Ball Launcher

Dogs love to play with a ball. This canon will help you to shoot balls with some real speed, and your dog is going to love that. Your dog will get tired real fast, and that’s how you will test and increase his stamina.

Sony Action Camera Dog Mount

If you’re going somewhere with your dog, let him be the one that holds camera. You can mount this camera vest on the dog and see the world from his point of view. The vest is compatible with Sony HD cam. You can mount it on medium to large sized dogs, with weight over 33 pounds. Now you can bring your dog to some adventure trip, and see what he does.

Ifetch Automatic Ball Launcher

This device will automatically launch ball, once it is put into the basket, on the side of the device. It is really helpful if you’re going for a while from home to someplace. It will keep the dog busy and he won’t miss you much. Dogs can play with a simple tennis ball for hours, so that’s a pretty good investment I tell you.

WaterDog Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain

This will help your dog to be hydrated at toughest times. When your dog coms in 3 feet area, its sonar proximity detects the presence, and make the fountain run, so that your dog can drink water. Now your dog can enjoy freshwater everytime he needs it, without disturbing you.

These accessories will surely help him to live a joyful and healthy life. I hope you buy them, to show that you actually care about your pet.